Welcome to the Artists' Bill of Rights Campaign

The Artists' Bill of Rights campaign promotes the adoption of a set of ethical standards for competitions and appeals in which creative works are submitted: photographs, music, film, illustrations, graphic design and literary works such as stories and poems. We focus on copyright issues and how they affect everyone who enjoys creative pursuits.

If you do not understand the copyright and have questions about the language you read in various terms and conditions, then this website is for you. We offer guidance and information for all.

Your Donations Greatly Help our Cause

ABoR logo with textWe are grateful to all who have supported our principles for protecting artists’ rights. Our Rights On list has garnered many, many thousands of views, as has our Rights Off list. We promote fair competitions and spread informative news on social media related to artists’ rights issues.

In 2020 we look forward to being able to continue promoting our principles in any way we can. However, marshaling the resources to do this work, and to expand our reach and effectiveness, is challenging.

We need you and hope you need us.

(Your receipt will show "Pro Imaging Organization", our founding org.
Rest assured all funds will go directly to the Artists Bill of Rights.

Our Supporters

Many organisations worldwide have proclaimed their support for the Artists' Bill of Rights principles. Some are listed below as well as on our Supporters page. If you wish your organisation to be promoted here, please contact us for further information.


The Equality Trust

TheEqualityTrustLogoThe Equality Trust seeks to reduce income inequality, in order to build a better society for all. We are an independent, evidence based organisation that educates and informs the public about the harm income inequality creates in all our lives. The gap between rich and poor is entrenched and this is bad for everyone, even the wealthier people in society.

Our aim is to build a mass movement for social change. We do this by generating and supporting grassroots activity led by local groups throughout the UK, by promoting robust and evidence based arguments on equality in the media, and by engaging with decision makers and opinion formers.

A change in mindset is desperately needed to address the social ills in our society. If the country as a whole is more equal then we all do better across most social indicators - from improving mental health to reducing teenage pregnancy and from enhancing educational attainment to cutting crime rates.

It is vital that we take action. The ramifications of inequality are substantial and new thinking is required to make our lives the best they can be. Follow at facebook-icon twitter-icon

Pro-Imaging.org founded the Artists' Bill of Rights in 2007

Pro-Imaging is a worldwide support group for professional photographers
who are pro-active in defending photographers rights.