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The Artists' Bill of Rights campaign promotes the adoption of a set of ethical standards for competitions and appeals in which creative works are submitted: photographs, music, film, illustrations, graphic design and literary works such as stories and poems. We focus on copyright issues and how they affect everyone who enjoys creative pursuits.

If you do not understand the copyright and have questions about the language you read in various terms and conditions, then this website is for you. We offer guidance and information for all.

Our Supporters

Many organisations worldwide have proclaimed their support for the Artists' Bill of Rights. Some are listed below as well as on our supporter's page. If you wish your organisation to be promoted here, please contact us for further information.


The Association of the Underground Radio "Solidarno??"

stowarzyszenie_logo The Association of the Underground Radio "Solidarno??"

Our Association works for the broadly understood freedom of expression as the basic canon of civil liberty. Our interest stems from the past and of our biographies. The radio station of the Radio "Solidarno??" was unique in the world. The first broadcast aired in Warsaw during martial law.

Independent radio promoters were fiercely sought by the Security Service and even by Stasi of East Germany. All this lasted until 1989, when the conference at the Round Table occurred, that is, negotiations conducted between the representatives of the communist authorities, the opposition of Solidarno?? and the Church. They led to the political transformation in Poland radiating to other countries of the communist bloc.