2008 12 04 Photobox;The First Post - Photograph Urban Britain

The Competition


Photobox; Photograph Urban Britain

Ends 4 December 2008

Listed below are extracts from the rules of this competition. These extracts are only from those rules that are subject to the provisions in the Bill of Rights.

"Images submitted may be used by The First Post and Photobox solely to promote the competition and may be used within a five year period. This includes the images being featured in web albums, plus a photo book that will be given to all the winners and runners up, and may also be sold through Photobox. All images in this photo book will of course be credited and the copyright remains with each photographer.

The Winners will be selected by The First Post Picture Editor and their decision is final. The winners will then be announced by email and winning photos will be featured on both The First Post and Photobox websites."

Pro-Imaging Comment

This competition meets all of the criteria listed in the bullet points above and is recommended.

For further information please visit the competition website.

Complies with the Bill of Rights


This competition meets all the standards set out in

the Bill of Rights For Artists

traffic-light-goCompetitions which comply with the conditions set out in the Bill of Rights For Artists do not -

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