2008 08 29 Rovingeye; Expose Your World 2008

The Competition


Rovingeye; Expose Your World 2008

Ends 29 August 2008

The Rules of this Contest

Listed below are extracts from the rules of this competition. These extracts detail the rights being claimed from entrants.

"6. The Finalists and Winners

6.1 An exhibition of the work of the prize winners and finalists will be held on the “Expose Your World” website.

6.2 All winners and finalists are required to enter into a non-exclusive Licence Agreement with RovingEye, for a period of two years, for the specific work entered in the competition. All entrants will retain copyright and will be notified should their work be selected.

A copy of the standard Licence Agreement can be obtained from RovingEye on request or may be downloaded at http://www.exposeyourworld.com/pages/legal.cfm.

6.3 Finalists may be required to provide RovingEye with relevant tax information and to prepare relevant tax documentation and complete a Licence Agreement prior to receiving the prize.

6.9 A condition of the holiday prizes for the Overall Winner of the Photo Essay, Overall Winner of the Single Shot and Overall Winner of the Young Australian Photographer of the Year, is that all holiday experiences are required to be photographed for RovingEye, and will be made available at no charge for once-only future editorial publication within Australian Traveller magazine, Outer Edge Magazine and A&K Magazine. All photographs will be credited to the photographer. The photographer will receive a 50% royalty payment on any future sales.

6.10 The Tarraleah Lodge and Abercrombie & Kent will have access to 12-18 images taken by the winner during the stay as a part of the prize, for future editorial use within their in-house editorial publication. All marketing and advertising use by Tarraleah Lodge or Abercrombie & Kent will attract a reproduction fee and photographers will receive 50% royalty. All photographs will be credited to the photographer.

6.11 Copyright on these images are retained by the photographer, and sub-licenced to RovingEye for a minimum of two years, with a 50% royalty on all sales. For full details of the sub-licencing conditions, please request a copy of the Licence Agreement from RovingEye.

6.12 A selection of finalists’ stories and photographs may be featured in Australian Traveller magazine, Outer Edge magazine and A&K magazine, once only, at no charge, as a part of the overall competition promotion. All content will be credited.

7. Rights of Entrant

Entrants retain all copyrights and other equivalent rights to entered photographs, stories and video/multimedia content. The winners and finalists, may be required to sub-licence their entry(ies) to RovingEye (see clause 6.2).

8. Rights of the Organiser

8.1 RovingEye (known as the Organiser) reserves the permanent, non-exclusive right to publish, reproduce, display, distribute, and show on screen any winning entries on websites, in exhibitions, tradeshows, or any other media which is under their management for the purpose of promoting the competition.

8.2 RovingEye will use best efforts to ensure that authors of all works used for the purpose in 8.1, is accredited accordingly.".

This contest meets every requirement of the The Bill of Rights.

For further information please visit the competition website.

Complies with the Bill of Rights


This competition meets all the standards set out in

the Bill of Rights For Artists

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